Short Stories

GreenElation is committed to developing many short stories in an attempt to illuminate people’s feelings, opinions and even attitudes towards specific concepts. GreenElation’s mission is to bring about real change and to remind everyone again, what it means to be human.

Storytelling is a fundamental part of being humanStories let us share information in a way that creates an emotional connection. Sometimes the emotional connection can have a more profound impact on an individual rather than simply trying to educate through more traditional approaches like Schools and University. Stories help us to understand that information and each other, and it makes the information memorable.

Its the memory that can be later ignited with song or atmosphere.

GreenElation Panel

Please join the discussion at #greenelation1st or comment below on what you found interesting about our discussions. We hope to build a large community around improving individuals self confidence and empowering others to succeed in areas they once believed impossible.

GreenElation will make you think!

Education / Learning

GreenElation is about education, inspiration and understanding where we have been and where do we want to go. Humanity can get caught up in all their wars, petty differences, resource allocation, etc… But in the end of the day, every single human been despite their race, colour, culture, geographic differences all need to do at minimum these four things (I call it the BEDS acronym :

1) Breathe
2) Eat
3) Drink
4) Sleep

Fundamentally, with out these core components there would be no life! No matter how complicated the problems of the world become, in the end all of us need these four basic essentials to live.

What comes next in terms of 5, 6, 7 & 8 is controversial. But GreenElation is always about education and learning. Help us learn and grow by subscribing and contributing to our community.