About GreenElation

Tim Founder of Green Elation

My name is Tim and I am the founder of GreenElation.

All my life I wanted to be part of something huge – something that just might be remembered by generations of people looking back 500 years from now and saying to themselves, “This was the turning point for humans!”

Human-beings! We are amazing and at the same time terrifying. We know how to be compassionate, caring and at the same time, we can be hateful, violent and vengeful. For me personally, I was always raised to treat other people how you want to be treated. This is a good philosophy for the most part. You do typically get liked by many and you tend to be approachable. But the downside is, you may find yourself becoming a “YES PERSON” or you find it hard to disagree because of the possibility of not being liked – and that can be unsettling.

Furthermore, being polite is not going to solve the world problem. So what is the world problem and how can we solve it?

I don’t pretend to be an expert! In fact I am probably far from the smartest person in the world. But I can see that there is unrest in so many areas of the globe and this is not specific to Third World Countries. There exist many problems in First World Countries as well and that makes one solution impractical.

Just like we are all different, many problems require unique and well-defined solutions. This is one of the reasons I created GreenElation. My company aims to empower all people of all wakes of life and at the same time, educate the world of it’s beauty, potential and amazing quality that exists within every Human-being! YES! This may seem like a very ambitious goal but if everyone on the earth was empowered to their own unique salvation, then we would see far more positive outcomes for the human-race.

Maybe… Just maybe we will eventually see peace and a break-down in borders. Just imagine the possibilities if we could achieve such a dream! Why not…?