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GreenElation has a range of short topics that can be presented in a lunch-time slot or a lengthier 3 hour session.

We are open for presenting at charities and other events, and are currently offering our services for free.

If you have a specific topic you would like us to present on we would need a week's notice to prepare. Listed below are our out-of-the-box presentations.

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Guest Speaker

Do you need a guest speaker at an event? Charities, Lunch-time-fill, other events...

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GreenElation has a range of short topics that can be presented on request. If you have a specific topic you would like us to present, we would need a week's notice to prepare.


YouTube Content

GreenElation has been preparing YouTube videos videos since 2016. The primary goal for us is to educate and to be educated. We believe human-beings are amazing and at the same time terrifying. We don’t pretend to be experts! But with so much unrest in so many areas of the globe, GreenElation’s mission is to bring about real change and to remind everyone again, what it means to be human - threw the art of storytelling. This allows us share information in a way that creates emotional connections.



GreenElation composes our own mucsic which we use to accompliment our short-stories and other presentations. All our music is available for purchase via or you can listen via Spotify. GreenElation is a firm believer that Music is the only language spoken by all!. For example, if we are ever visited by an Alien Race, Music and Mathematics are two things we may be able to communicate with.


Since 2012, I have been involved in several annual customer conferences which provides opportunities to liaise with customers on our products, services and the key changes in the industry. In 2013, we hired Tim from GreenElation, to talk about A.I, data acquisition and the industry impact. Tim's 45-minute talk during the lunch break, was very popular and well received, that we decided to hire him as a keynote speaker at our conference in 2017. During Tim's presentation, he was also open to associating our business favourably with his agenda. This most certainly helped us convert and establish new leads.

Hired GreenElation speaker Tim

Most of my work is volunteering for neurodivergent children, who may have some form of ADHD, autism and learning difficulties. For me it is critical these children understand that neurodiversity may be a form of disability, but they are not flawed! In fact, several highly influential neurodivergent people, such as, Elon Musk, Albert Einstein and Emily Dickinson have all achieved success. It was most uplifting to hire a speaker like Tim from GreenElation for his 15 minute talk, who was very insistent to include the children and give them all feel a sense of belonging.

Thank you GreenElation
Full-time carer, Volunteer and Self-employed

I am an independent musician who was looking for someone to help me out with some short films and music production. GreenElation were able to assist us in generating five new compositions which we were able to utilise for our short films. GreenElation continue to work with us today in generating Short Films and music sores to accommodate these films. With my philosophy being focuses in the arts, it is very refreshing to have a small company like GreenElation that can produce music scores on a timely basis. This gives me more time to focus on my personal violin compositions.

Loved the music from GreenElation
Musician and Composer